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Handmade hunting and bushcraft knives handcrafted to your specification.

All of my knives are designed and handmade from the best available materials to support a lifetime of use in the great outdoors. I offer a choice of blade shapes, pins and liners along with a selection of exotic hardwoods for the handle.

I hope that you are able to find your ideal knife within these pages and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for looking.

Toby Platts - Knifemaker.
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I have been a designer and maker of handmade furniture for over 24 years, this experience through many and varied projects has given me a very keen eye for detail and experience in many materials other than wood. During my time as a craftsman my passion for making items to the highest standards has developed to a point that before it leaves my workshop I must be proud to own and use it myself.

Like many before me my fascination with knives began as a small boy on fishing and camping trips at the local woods and rivers in southern England where a knife became my essential companion on every trip.

I began making my own handmade knives when later in life I was unable to find the knife that most suited my needs. Drawing on countless hours experience in my grandfathers engineering shop and with advice from expert knife makers I successfully made my first knifeā€¦..my passion for knife making had begun.

I have worked hard refining the skills needed to make ergonomically designed strong, functional yet elegant handmade Bushcraft and hunting knives designed and built to last a lifetime. Whatever your outdoor passion, Bushcrafting, Hiking or Hunting a good knife and the skills to use it will help you thrive.
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Handmade hunting and bushcraft knives
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